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    We provide full homeowner compliance services for
        Virginia AOSS Regulations (12VAC 50613-10)


WasteMaster™ is a fully authorized service provider for Orenco (AdvanTex®), and is experienced servicing all major brands of AOSS systems (MultiFlo,  Norweco, PuraFlo, Nayadic, Jet, FAST, Aquarobic, Sand Filters, and others).  We offer full NELAC certified lab services and, of course, we carry full liability coverage to protect our clients. 

With our network of DPOR-licensed Wastewater operators ready to back one another up, our service agreement provides you an operator when you need one.  There's no need to be concerned about your operator being on vacation or out of town, working on another job, or being sick. 

Our goal is not only to provide you with reliable service over the years, but also to keep you well-informed and educated about your AOSS system, including the guidelines imposed by recent legislative actions.  We’re there as a team to be certain we take care of you.

The FULL SERVICE PACKAGE provided by our standard Service Agreement includes all required inspections, all routine maintenance, all required pump tank testing, all needed cleaning of filters (where applicable), control panel performance confirmation, drainfield inspection and balance check, and all documentation, filing, and backup of required reports.  With each visit we provide you with a Service Report for your records, detailing what work was performed, and we also forward your testing results to your local health departments.  If you want a partner that can provide complete, full service when you need it and where you need it, you need WasteMaster™.

Our JOB is to keep you compliant with the law, but our MISSION is to ensure that your AOSS is operating properly and that you and your family are protected from the consequences of system failure.

Providing comprehensive LOCAL AOSS SERVICE throughout Virginia:
Fredericksburg – Serving North and North Central VA and the Shenandoah Valley
Richmond – Service East Central VA and Tidewater
Roanoke – Serving the Roanoke and New River Valleys and SouthWest VA
Bedford – Serving West Central and Southside VA

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